What is Quantic?

4 min readFeb 16, 2022


Quantic is a 100% online 100% remote MBA and EMBA program. I love the product, the curriculum, the marketing, and the student success team.

In the above picture, you can see the alumni network for a lot of the world. I’m a resident of Japan, so you can’t see in that image that there are 150 of us alumni in Japan.

The Quantic Alumni is primarily dominated by the U.S. and Europe, though I’m seeing a huge presence in Nigeria and India as well.

It’s been really cool chatting with people all over the world about their perspectives and their careers!

Quantic has phenomenal marketing

I found out about Quantic because of its phenomenal marketing. I saw targeted LinkedIn ads, Google search ads, as well as direct LinkedIn outreach.

I am definitely trying to copy their skill at branding in my current day-to-day job.

Then, at some point, once I was in their funnel, I got a great stream of emails telling me when deadlines were, and what the expectations were.

The ads are all time-bound, saying “you need to apply before the deadline”. This totally worked for me! I felt the deadlines were a real target for me. I wanted to get into the next possible class so I could move forward with my career.

The deadlines made it possible for me to work up the courage to ask my company for sponsorship. That mechanism was really useful!

The direct outreach on LinkedIn was well done. The rep said something along the lines of “Hi Lindsey, we think you’d be a great match for our program, have you considered applying to Quantic?”. This really meant a lot to me. I felt like I could really have a chance of being accepted, so it made me more confident when applying.

1 year and 3 months, and 8000 dollars

This is the kind of commitment I can handle.

I can’t handle 2 years off work. That would cripple my career. I would lose so much experience, which is way more valuable.

I can’t handle 60,000 USD. I don’t have that kind of money. I can’t handle both 60,000 USD and 2 years off work for a credential that may or may not affect my prospects.

I need a degree that will get me the information and network I need without totally inconveniencing me. Quantic is that!

The optional lectures are where it’s at

Quantic has a set curriculum, but the optional lectures are so cool. As a part of Quantic’s alumni group, we get access to hundreds of clubs and societies that plan ongoing educational activities for their members. So far I’ve been to the following lectures:

  1. GDP and measurements of well-being
  2. Understanding Crypto
  3. Synthetic meat for the future
  4. Community building for retention, EdTech society

And I’m pretty sure there’s more I’ve been to. Yes, information is everywhere, but it’s definitely nice to have this amazing PhD curated information presented to you for an hour during your workday with one or two practice questions to make sure you retained it.

Seriously incredible people

I’ve met some amazing people!

“Just send me your resume and I’ll send it in to the hiring manager” — Director of operations at Amazon.

“Write out your education experience on your resume, and clarify your timezone, and then I’ll send it to my team” — Guest speaker in the EdTech society.

Then, I’ve chatted with people in every industry. Finance, banking, engineering, entrepreneurs, recycling, Asia, Africa, Europe, U.S., Canada — everywhere.

The curriculum

Quantic has a set curriculum, and it’s all in the same format. I find it really easy to get through.

It looks like this when you’re looking through the courses library:

When you’re actually in the courses it looks like this:

Everything is mobile-friendly, so sometimes I do my courses on my phone at the pizza shop.

Ready for more Quantic

I’m excited to be constantly confronted with new information about Quantic. I’m going to keep updating this blog with interesting information about what Quantic is, and how it’s helping me.

Hats off to the Quantic team for making this product so easy to sign up for!




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